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Dear Kellogg Family,

“The world should be just and we have a role in making that happen”

This is a core belief of our Alliance—a belief we know each of you, our Kellogg Fellows, shares. That’s why, today, we ask you to take a stand on a humanitarian crisis affecting the most vulnerable among us: over 50,000 refugee children are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and ending up at our U.S. border.

These children are seeking refugee status and, when possible, reunification with a family member already in the United States.

While the political debate on the treatment of unaccompanied minors rages on, these children must be provided for. Our country--the richest in world--must address the humanity of this crisis.

We invite you to take part in our first step: a Virtual Community Conversation, held on 8/8 at 8pm: together we can make a difference in the lives of these children.

Now is the time to act: are you in?

Even if you can't join us on the 8th, add your name below: join the Kellogg Fellows in taking action.

La June Montgomery Tabron
David Fike (KNFP-15), left, and La June Montgomery Tabron

on her Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Marygrove College

On May 14, David Fike (KNFP-15), President of Marygrove College in Detroit, Mich., presented an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters to La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

"We honor you for breaking ground as the first female and first African-American to lead the Foundation in its 84 year history," the citation reads in part, and "your extraordinary leadership and dedication to humanity."


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Photo Credit: Don James

Rudolfo Anaya (KNFP-03)

My favorite book:
The next book that comes along.

My greatest extravagance:
Bet on a street shell game in Valencia, Spain. Lost of course.

The person living today who most inspires me:
Barack Obama

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Breadlines Knee-Deep in Wheat
by Jan Poppendieck (KNFP-05)

Writing the epilogue to the new edition of Breadlines Knee Deep in Wheat had that sort of "full circle" feel to it. Breadlines was my first book; I wrote it because I wanted to keep my teaching job at Hunter College, and the tenure clock was running out.

Although it was a piece of history writing, it was in many ways before its time. “Food Studies” did not exist, and there was little if any interest in food in academic departments.

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Teaching with Heart
by Sam M. Intrator (KNFP-14)

Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach is a collection of poems each accompanied by a personal reflection by a teacher that explores the meaning and significance of the poem in their life and work...

This book’s mission is to host the voices of teachers talking about what really matters to them about their work and their craft...Poetry was the prompt, the Rorschach blob, the talking stick, or for those of you familiar with Lord of the Flies—the conch.

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FORO 2014

September will bring the community of Fellows in Latin America and the Caribbean together at Foro 2014. The Second Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Forum will activate a growing network of community leaders around the theme of "Integration and Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean " during the first week of September 4-7, 2014.

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Pablo Alvarado, national coordinator for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)--a collaboration of three dozen community-based day laborer organizations--has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 Matusak Courageous Leadership Award.

The award will be presented at the Foro 2014 conference in Panama City, Panama on September 4, 2014.

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in the Kellogg Fellows Community

From Mick Smyer (KNFP-15) 
Mick is developing a social entrepreneurship project: "Graying Green" that seeks to energize older adults to take action on climate issues. He is seeking collaborators with experienence in climate science, communication, or marketing to older adults.
More: See Mick's full post »

From Lungile Bhengu-Baloyi (KILP-01) 
Dr Bhengu-Baloyi continues to work with the impactful African Midwife Initiative and seeks partners to expand access to Midwife Learning Communities for those who can't afford accomadation.
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From Martha Lee (KNFP-15) 
KFLA is looking for fellows interested in designing/participating in a Women's Leadership Summit in 2015 in Argentina. This is a collaborative venture between six global fellowships (KFLA, Ashoka, Eisenhower, Yale, Loeb, and Marshall Fund).
More: Let Martha know if you're interested »

From Martha Lee (KNFP-15) 
KFLA will be connecting Kellogg Alumni to the fellows in the new "Community Leadership Network" program around several key topics including food, equity, and children.
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A Global Women's Conference 

Six global fellowship programs (KFLA, Ashoka Fellows, Eisenhower Fellowships, Yale World Fellows, Loeb Fellows at Harvard and German Marshall Fund) have partnered to launch a global women’s leadership network for their alumnae.

The major goal of this conference to be held in November 2015 in Argentina is to leverage the already existing powerful women’s fellowships across borders, allowing them to work together to achieve a positive difference in the world.

The planning committee is looking for volunteers who might have an interest in working on “program content” and at the same time be able to network with other alumnae from the six fellowship programs.

If you are interested email Martha Lee at 

The Leaders
(& how to get more miles) 

According to your entries, the top three teams in the let's walk competition are:

  1. KNFP-13 with 3430 miles
  2. KNFP-08 with 2283 miles
  3. KNFP-06 with 418 miles

Did you know you can bring your network to the competition? It's all about getting communities walking--so if you're mobilizing a group, you can count their miles even if they aren't fellows. It's a win-win: healthier communities and (many) steps closer to winning the $5000 prize!

And, we've just made it easier: you can now input your own miles. Just login at and click the "Let's Walk!" button.



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Sisters Under the Same Sky
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2014 Matusak Award
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Book Nook: Jan Poppendieck
Jan Poppendieck (KNFP-05) on writing & updating her infulential book, Breadlines Knee-Deep in Wheat

Book Nook: Sam Intrator
Sam M. Intrator (KNFP-14) on co-authoring a book giving voice to teachers through poetry, Teaching with Heart

KFLA Salutes La June Montgomery Tabron
WKKF CEO presented with Honorary Doctorate by David Fike (KNFP-15) of Marygrove College

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