Dr. Diane M. Calabrese

Silver Spring, Maryland
United States

Focus Areas

Arts & Humanities


I write fiction for pleasure, non-fiction for profit. I earned a PhD in systematic entomology and trekked in the peripatetic academic mode before making a switch to full-time writing. On fiction: Published stories include “Daisy” and “Road Trip” (Art Times), “Oranges” (The MacGuffin), “Make Mine an Eight” (Bibliophilos), “Petals and Bows” (Green’s), “Imprints” (Jewish Affairs). Non-fiction ranges from scholarly articles on water striders (including wing polymorphism, zoogeography, and chromosomes) and insects in literature (current research) to the insects in the poems of W.B. Yeats. Creative stints include editing The Independent Scholar (TIS) and essays on everything from men’s red ties (and “The Red Badge of Courage”) to bricks, words and Wittgenstein (“Word play”).