Dr. Donald W. Jugenheimer

Alto, New Mexico
United States

Focus Areas

Higher Education


Dr. Donald Jugenheimer is the President of In-Telligence in Alto, NM. Prior to this, he was Professor of Advertising for the College of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University. Jugenheimer earned his B.S. in Advertising at the University of Illinois. He stayed to get an M.S. in Advertising, with a minor in marketing, and a PhD in Communications, with a specialization in advertising. Jugenheimer had some experience in private advertising firms before finishing his graduate work. He went to the University of Kansas as an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and stayed to be Chairman of Advertising Sequence and later, Director of Graduate Studies and Research for Journalism. He went to Louisiana State University as the Manship Distinguished Chair in Journalism. From there he went to Fairleigh Dickinson University where he became Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and later, Chair of the Department of Communications and Speech and simultaneously, Chair of the Department of English, Foreign Language and Philosophy. He was also Director and Professor of the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University . He has numerous honors, including being twice voted by the Senior Class at KU as one of the top five teaching faculty in the university. Don loves to sail, ski, write, travel and read. He may have to combine his love of travel with some of those activities. If you need help with the last name, it's pronounced YOU-ghen-high-mur.