Dr. Stephen F. Jablonsky

Emeritus Professor, Accounting
United States

Focus Areas

Environment & Sustainable Development


Dr. Stephen F. Jablonsky is actively involved in executive education for management groups and with members of boards of directors. He specializes in one-on-one coaching for members of boards of directors with limited financial backgrounds, individual managers, and/or key employees who need to develop a better understanding of financial targets and financial information for their companies, their competitors, and the industry. He designs corporate programs for cross-functional business teams using actual financial information about their company, its customers, competitors, and the industry, as well as public programs designed to meet the financial information needs of managers in specific functional groups like HR, marketing, operations, scientists and researchers, ethics officers, etc. Dr. Jablonsky has a continuing interest in the changing roles of financial management in corporate America. Over the last two decades, Financial Executives International (FEI) has provided support for three major research projects on the changing roles of financial management: Changing Roles of Financial Management: Getting Close to the Business; Business Advocates or Corporate Policemen: Assessing Your Role as a Financial Executive; and Changing Roles of Financial Management: Integrating Strategy, Control, and Accountability. Dr. Jablonsky's most recent book, Business and Industry Analysis: A Business Team Approach shows managers and students how to analyze a company within the context of the industry and broader domestic and global economy. In the first edition of the book, Dr. Jablonsky focuses on Nucor and the steel industry. In the next edition, he will focus on the Oil & Gas Industry. He served as a Kellogg Foundation National Fellow from 1983 to 1987 and is currently active in Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance.