Ms. Gciniwe Nozizwe Nsibande

Lecturer/Copy-Editor- IDE UNISWA

Authored Resources

Strategies for National Book Development in Anglophone Africa: A case study o
May 22, 2022


I have a background as an educationalist. In 1993, I began teaching English and History at Junior and High School levels working for the Government of Swaziland, under the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). I was later employed by Macmillan BOLESWA Publishers as the Sales and Marketing Representative and Field Editor. Later, I transferred to the Publishing Department within the same company, where I worked as a publisher of educational materials. As a publisher, I applied numerous curriculum innovations in order to make the material clear, interactive, and user-friendly. This experience made me aware that I had found my niche in publishing. In 2005, I was grateful when Kellogg sponsored my studies at the University of Wits where I acquired an MA in publishing studies. I have is no doubt that the KSAL programme’s African Leadership Management Course made a huge and positive impact on me. The programme helped me develop management and leadership skills on the personal as well as professional fronts, without losing the ‘Ubuntu’ aspect which is an integral part of me. The KSAL programme positively transformed my mind set in that I matured, becoming more patient and accommodating to people’s needs and more confident in my field. These qualities contributed to my high work ethic and practice which has helped me develop professionally. Equally pertinent, I am actively involved in my community by serving as part of the executive team or as a member of numerous key associations in the Kingdom of Swaziland, such as the Swaziland Reading Association (SReadA) which promotes literacy and reading for sustainable national development. I am also a member of the Forum for African Women Educationalist (FAWE) whose main focus is to support the girl child from disadvantaged families obtain quality education, perform well and complete her studies. Furthermore, I am a Board Member and an active volunteer in the Junior Achievement (JA), Swaziland program. JA Swaziland is an NGO whose mission is to inspire, prepare and integrate school leavers into the economy in order to help them succeed in a global economy. Recently, I joined the African Women Peace and Development Foundation (AWPDF) whose purpose is to sensitise women leaders at all levels of society and encourage them to take responsibility for building peace in the country. Currently, I am the Lecturer/Copy-Editor in the Materials/Instructional Design & Development Unit within the Institute of Distance Education (IDE), located at the University of Swaziland (UNISWA). I am mainly involved in the development of learning and teaching materials which are then produced in multi-media format as modules.