Mr. Mandlenkosi Mgobane Tembe

Rural Economic Dev, Dept. of Health
eThekwini Municipality
South Africa


When I heard about KSAL in 2007, I was a security guard at Elephant Park and after work I used to do community projects. Having matriculated in 1998, I never thought this opportunity would happen for me. When I was accepted into the programme, I was overjoyed, as was my family. I chose to study Environmental Health because I want to help increase the life expectancy of people in rural areas. The KSAL leadership workshops gave me more confidence to work in the community. Kellogg changed my life completely. It also had a large impact on my family. I am the first in my family to get a university degree. My wife, Nelly, went with me and did an ABET course. She is now a home-based care supervisor for a local NGO and is studying teaching through an open learning institution. We used the KSAL stipends to pay for our rentals. My wife, our three children and I reside in that house. I was able to put my younger brother through university. I continue to be involved in ploughback activities. I help fellow KSAL awardees and Manguzi community members Thulani Tembe and Jabulani Dlamini, with a catering project that provides youth with training and income opportunities. I now sit as Vice Chair of the management committee at Elephant Park, where I was previously employed.