The adventure, from who I was to what I became, started in 2006 when I applied to the KSAL programme. By that time, I was already in my fourth year lecturing at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. As a lecturer, I was challenged to obtain more knowledge, skills and a higher academic degree. I had a burning desire to get a Master’s degree in an English-speaking country where I could also improve my language skills. When I was invited to the first KSAL workshop, it was an incredible moment of glory and a new beginning in my life. In the KSAL programme, I went through a powerful transformation that opened doors to a new world. The workshops changed my thinking and attitude from doubts to confidence in my ability to succeed. As a result, everything in my life started changing for the better. My leadership skills improved. I am able to speak and write in English fluently. The study grant enabled me to get a Master degree. The challenges I went through at Stellenbosch University gave me the unique experience to face the world with new vision. As a result of these achievements, I was appointed Vice-Dean for Research at the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo de Inhambane and I also opened my own company. My ploughback, focused on community and family, has meant that my brothers and sisters can achieve their academic degrees and gain freedom. I will always be grateful to the KSAL programme for all the opportunities and experiences that I went through and the way it contributed significantly to my ability to positively influence people in my community.