Mr. Joao Pinto Mascarenhas



Before entering the KSAL programme, I was a teacher of Portuguese, history, and physical education. I taught in the primary school of the Báruè District. I was also a teacher trainer in the field of educational psychology. Between 2002 and 2007, I did many things, including serving as chief of the community newspaper in Báruè District, chairman of the district council's youth program, coordinator for the Organização Aro Moçambique, and the focal point for district sports, coaching football (soccer) and volleyball. KSAL brought a lot of change to my life and helped me to become who I am today. The leadership training helped me discover that I am very competent, responsible, skilled, and creative. It showed me that I have the qualities of a great leader. It also helped me became a better university student such that I went on to represent my university at a conference in Brazil. Today, I am able to support my family and community in new ways. My family is happy and confident because they have a leader able to solve their problems in all areas. For this, I want to say thanks to the KSAL programme. I have had many successes and look forward to more opportunities throughout my life to use all the knowledge the KSAL programme gave me.