Mr. Mario Jose Chitaute Cumbe

History and Development; Assistant Lecturer


Before I began my KSAL journey in 2004, I was an ordinary lecturer aspiring to further my studies. However, it was very difficult to access a scholarship. Besides the academic courses, what made the greatest difference for me was the leadership training. It was significant to have been trained in valuable aspects of social and cultural life through the Ubuntu philosophy. The programme had a considerable impact by giving me new tools and skills that allowed me to be more innovative in terms of approaches to designing projects, networking, and going beyond so-called traditional thinking. The programme allowed me to expand my cultural understanding of “others”. I am now aware that my actions have an impact on others and that I can be an agent for change who can work with others towards a common goal. Because of the expertise and skills I acquired through the KSAL programme, I was given the chance to lead a process to revise curricula at my Department. This was a significant professional accomplishment. Personally, thanks to the knowledge I got in the Ubuntu courses, my relationship with my family members has improved for better.