Dr. Letshwiti Batlhalefi Tutwane

University of Botswana

Focus Areas

Arts & Humanities


I am a 2002 Kellogg Fellow who studied at University of Leicester in the UK under the programme doing an MA in Journalism and Cultural Studies. I subsequently returned to the UK for further studies. I am currently in the US as a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at the Illinois Central College in Peoria, Illinois. Kellogg has moulded me into a scholar and a leader. I am engaged in community work in my country; Botswana. I have led the fledgling corporative in my village of Tlokweng, served in my neighbourhood community, served in several management boards of civil society organisations. I am currently the Interim President of the International Association of Business Communicators (Botswana Chapter). I have expanded my knowledge base and competencies to corporate communications, political communication and speech writing. Kellogg planted the initial seed by giving me a chance to study overseas. I have met great people over the years. I have also been able to publish internationally and continue to do so. I will go parliament in the 2019 General Elections to take my contribution to a higher level!