Mr. Omar Duayhe Zilli

Xpujil, Calakmul, Campeche


During his college time in Veracruz, Omar Duayhe Z. was co-founder and director of the cultural collective Subtemóvil and coordinator of the forum Muerte Chiquita, which encourages the development of film shows, exhibitions and the involvement of local and national urban graphics, always emphasizing the preservation and care of the environment. In 2010 he moved to the south of Mexico and continues to live in the municipality of Calakmul, one of the most important Biosphere Reserves in America. He worked more than 4 years as a coordinator for Fondo para la Paz, which aims to strengthen social capital and improve the quality of life for residents of rural and indigenous communities of the municipality. Throughout this period, he created a consolidated center of operations and a team to organise 16 communities through a participatory planning methodology, involving 1,128 families and more than 5,000 beneficiaries. His projects primarily involved providing clean water access and food security. Since 2015, he started a new creative-studio, 'Calakmul Logistics', aimed to improve local production logistics as well as improving and increasing marketing for local producers. Calakmul Logistics offers consulting services to facilitate local and foreign trade. The primary objective is to provide a service to connect the producer with the person who needs the product, solving any trade obstacles. He is also involved with the American company, PVPure. He is the primary distributor of PVPure's unique water purifying systems throughout the Yucantan Penninsula, under the name PVPure Mexico. ( Most recently, he has embarked on several entrepreneurial endeavours. In 2016 he launched 'Explora Car Rental', a local company created to address transportation issues of tourists, in-turn increasing the number of visitors to local attractions, specifically community-run tourism projects. Secondly, 'Tábano Productions', is now providing drone access to clients who need mapping, HD photo and video throughout the region. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys overcoming challenges and experiencing projects materialised into reality.