Angel Francisco Chi Villalobos

Coordinador de proyectos
El Hombre sobre la Tierra A.C.
Merida, Yucat√°n

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Community Development
Food Systems
Food Systems


Angel Chi holds a degree in engineering with a specialization in agriculture and tropical horticulture. He collaborated as agricultural technician in the conformation of work groups of 90 producers from the municipalities of Tahdziu and Peto in the state of Yucatan. Moreover, he provides training in management of agroecological techniques, pests and diseases control in rural plots. Currently, he works as Regional Coordinator in El Hombre sobre la Tierra, a civil association that provides consulting services to Tixcacalcupul, Chikindzonot, Tekom and Chankom producers in the management of family orchards and agroforestry units. His medium-term project consists in strengthening food sovereignty through a native seed bank in Yucatan.