Mr. Leonel Vicente Zamora

Civil Association “Iyariy’ra” (heart that grows
Municipality of Villa Corona, Jalisco

Focus Areas

Food Systems
Food Systems
Racial Equity & Healing
Indigenous Communities
Social Justice
Gender Issues
Human Rights
Environment & Sustainable Development


Leonel Vicente was born in Guadalupe Ocotan, State of Nayarit, Leonel belongs to the huichol ethnic group. He has an additional name that comes from his ethnic group, “HaiWituri” which means “New Fog”. Leonel studies a BA in basic education at the Rural Higher Education Center “Estipac” located in the municipality of Villa Corona, State of Jalisco. He has contributed to his community in the areas of agriculture, water sanitation, personal hygiene, composting, and methods for eliminating rural pests, prevention of drug abuse in young people, improving the quality of indigenous people, domestic violence, and women’s human rights. Nowadays, Leonel is president of the civil association “Iyariy’ra” (heart that grows), an association dedicated that provides medicine and food to the communities that belongs to the huichol ethnic group.