Dr. Deanna Perez-Williams

(Health Fellows & Scholars)
Migrant Program Coordinator
West Fork, Arkansas
United States

Focus Areas



Community Health Scholars Program Project: Since asthma was identified as a major health disparity by the Hispanic Apostolate, a Baltimore CBO, this provided an opportunity for Dr. Williams to partner with Johns Hopkins University and Howard University to design and implement the following CBPR project: "Developing an Asthma Communication Instrument with the Baltimore Hispanic Community." This CBPR project is a component of a current 5-year Howard/Hopkins Center for Reducing Asthma Disparities NHLBI research project. The overall goal is to reduce the disproportionate burden of asthma experienced by inner-city minorities. The goal for developing the Asthma Communication Instrument is to improve patient-provider communication in assessing asthma severity in minority populations in order to assign appropriate treatment.