Dr. Edith Gaylord Clark G.C. Wolff

(Health Fellows & Scholars)

Focus Areas

Racial Equity & Healing
Indigenous Communities


Currently, Edith Wolff lives in Seattle, WA, where she is active on the Health Alliance International (HAI) Board. Based at the University of Washington in its Global Health Department, HAI carries out community-based maternal and child health work and AIDS reduction/treatment work in Africa and East Timor. Dr. Wolff did her Kellogg fellowship work (Community Health Scholars) with colleagues at The Hopkins Center for American Indian Health in the Fall of 1998 on The Fathers Project, a new arm of a teen pregnancy project the center was already operating. The teen mothers' arm of the program, Changing Our Lives Through Sharing Our Strength, was (and remains) a home-visiting teen pregnancy education program in operation at four sites on the Navajo and White Mountain Apache reservations in the Southwest. The center trains native fieldworkers in the basics of healthy pregnancy and pre-natal care. The fieldworkers then deliver that information to pregnant teens through the use of a curriculum designed by Hopkins staff. The program has been highly successful, as determined by data collected during the operation of the program. Dr. Wolff expanded the project with the planning and implementation phases of The Fathers Project. This project represented a successful collaboration between The Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, several generous foundations, and the communities involved. Dr. Wolff was for several years a faculty member at Johns Hopkins. In addition to serving on the HAI Board in Seattle, Dr. Wolff is busy raising two children.