Ephrem Enard Whingwhiri

Director, Research and Development
Zim Earthworm Farms and A & B Evolving Energies


Ephrem Whingwiri is currently involved in renewable energy initiatives. In addition to starting a small plant for the manufacture of ethanol gel for cooking and/or keeping food warm, Whingwiri is involved in a project to replace paraffin in cooking and lighting. Started a biogas digester construction project under A & B Evolving Energies. Has established Zim Earthworm Farms for the production of earthworms and humus and waste management. The earthworm project under my company Zim Earthworm Farms aims to reclaim ecological balance in agriculture through decomposing water hyacinth thriving in urban effluent dams, using digesters and earth worms and returning humus to farms. Currently seeking markets for dried earthworms in the animal feed and pharmaceutical industries.