Dr. Carol G. Thigpin

Educational Consultant - Literacy, Leadership and School Imp
CGT Associates
Old Hickory, Tennessee
United States

Focus Areas

Adult Learning
K-12 Education
Youth Development
Youth Development


Carol Thigpin’s entire career of more than forty years has focused on education. She has worked as public school teacher and principal, as a researcher and professor in higher education, and as a CEO of a multi-faceted literacy non-profit. Currently, an educational consultant in private practice, Thigpin assists public schools and institutions of higher education in the areas of literacy, academic coaching, and school improvement/reculturing. Thigpin holds a Ph.D in educational policy and supervision from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, a Master’s Degree in Reading and a Graduate Certificate in Dyslexic Studies from Middle Tennessee University, and is a certified reading specialist.