Dr. Oswaldo Yoshimi Tanaka

Professor, Faculdade de Saude Publica
Sao Paulo, São Paulo

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
Public Sector / Government
Policy & Education
Evaluation: Data / Modeling / Analytics
Evaluation: Program Evaluation
Organizational Development / Management


Dr. Oswaldo Tanaka works and resides in Sao Paulo. In his role, Tanaka is involved in implementing evaluation as a managerial tool in various levels of the health system to aid in the decision-making process. In working to bring about these improvements, Tanaka strives to invite all points of view and uncover the motivations that will mobilize health professionals. When he served as Deputy Minister of Health (servicing 37 million people), he had to face political pressure from those advocating for health services that were not cost-effective. Tanaka attributes the mile-stones he has achieved in his career to his experience with the Kellogg International Leadership Program. "The opportunity the Kellogg International Leadership Program provided me to learn to respect different values and easy of thinking opened up new possibilities to me. To be able to listen respectfully and learn from others brings about success."