Dr. David M. Mattocks

Mead, Washington
United States

Focus Areas

Organizational Development / Management
Environment & Sustainable Development
Environment & Sustainable Development


Dr. David Mattocks is a seasoned executive and an internationally recognized leader in sustainable business practice. As an environmental scientist and an organizational development specialist, David has provided direction and conducted assessments for numerous organizations in North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. David serves as President of GreenPro where he works with companies to develop profitable market-based environmental solutions. Formerly, David served as President and CEO of the Sierra Business Council, a national leader on sustainable solutions for over 700 business and community leaders. While serving as President, he provided leadership in raising $8.4 billion in funding for clean water and natural resources on the California Executive Committee in 2007. Dr. Mattocks has also managed over $48 million in contracts with Ford and Rockefeller family foundations. At the Ford Family Foundation, David was the Founding Director of the Ford Institute where he awarded $18.2 million in grants and contracts to 138 organizations He has served as a Senior Program Officer at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation awarding organizational capacity building grants. David also worked as a director with Winrock International where he directed over $28 million in budgetary resources. At Winrock, David created a major initiative focused on developing policy discussions between 11 Asian countries with the objective of achieving balance between economic development and environmental stewardship. As a National Kellogg Foundation Leadership Fellow, David’s leadership has been recognized by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. He is the recipient of the Jerold W. Apps Award for Distinguished Practice. He has also served as a Director on the Board of Philanthropy Northwest, with over 175 foundations granting $440 million annually. He has authored award-winning publications on organizational development including numerous research studies. Publications have also included subjects such as sustainable business solutions, organizational excellence, international development, and community building. David holds degrees in Environmental Science and Continuing Professional Education including a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a M.A. from Washington State University, and a B.S. from Seattle Pacific University.