Ms. Daisy O. Lejowa

Group Managing Director
Daisy R Staffing Solutions

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Community Development
Higher Education
Policy & Education
Leadership Development


Ms. Daisy Lejowa is an entrepreneur with nine years of experience in business management. In 2003 Daisy established her first company,"Daisy R Staffing Solutions (Daisy R)," which is a health care industry support initiative. The company has cooperate wellness as its core business. Daisy R has grown in strength and has become a key player in the health industry supporting one of Botswana’s biggest private medical aid schemes in their member wellness program. To enhance their health initiatives Daisy R has linked with the US Health Center to provide health risk assessment technology for individuals and organizations in Botswana,an initiative that is still new in the region. In 2005 she started her second company profiles for (Botswana) which is a human resources management company and deals with psychometric assessments, recruitment and placement as well as training in various fields like customer care, performance management, profiles for Botswana has entered into strategic partnership with profiles international an American company that specializes in psychometric assessments. Profiles for Botswana has also gone into a strategic partnership with Cooperator India for the provision of web based balanced score cards that are customizable to address an organization’s strategic initiatives. At the core of all these initiatives is a forward thinking individual who at all times seeks solutions to pertinent issues in the quest to productivity and health in Botswana. Equipped with vast experience in various areas of the health sector, management and entrepreneurship she has used these attributes as the managing director of Daisy R Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd and its sister company Profiles for (Botswana). Ms. Lejowa has earned the National Directorship of Profiles International (Botswana), a human resources assessment franchise from the United States of America. She has successfully grown her businesses for close to a decade, withstanding the test of a global economic slump as well as the gender and professional stereotypes she encountered in the business arena. She has served as Operations Manager at Botswana Medical Aid Society where her responsibilities included managing the core business of the society at senior executive level, . As Manager of Operations, she was in charge s of the organization with a claims pay out of around P30 million a quarter. She previously served as Head of Department and Assistant Claims Manager, where one of her major achievements was the establishment of the Special Benefit Program for BOMAID. The program is geared at management of chronically ill patients who are on medication, including AIDS patients on Anti retro-viral drugs. Ms. Lejowa has first- hand experience as a health practitioner in many settings in Botswana at the clinical, community and management levels. Through experience and self-application, Ms. Lejowa became a Nursing Lecturer at the Institute of Health Sciences, but later moved to the Nurses Association of Botswana where she a coordinated and managed a community based projects. During her time with the Nurses Association of Botswana, Ms. Lejowa became a Kellogg International Leadership Program Fellow, which added immensely to her existing qualifications of Bachelor of Education, Nursing Diploma in General Nursing, Diploma in midwifery and Diploma in Community Health Nursing. Daisy used the KILP opportunity to hone her leadership and management abilities, becoming the versatile entrepreneur she is known to be today. The KILP experience allowed her an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of the health care systems in Latin America, Northern America and Southern Africa through a study project done to compare the various health care systems and to establish the strengths and weakness of each of the systems used in the three regions of study. Daisy is well versed with individual coaching and promoting self- understanding in order to stimulate a motivated and driven individual. Through her experience with the use of psychometric assessment, she has helped many individuals in realizing their goals and dreams. Daisy Lejowa is a fully Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) accredited trainer. She continues with community work as she is still involved with her preschool projects in the disadvantaged communities in Botswana’.