Dr. Merle S. Lefkoff

(KNFP-10 Advisor)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
United States

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Rural Development
Racial Equity & Healing
Racial Equity & Healing
Racism / Undoing Structural Racism
Social Justice
Religion / Faith / Spirituality
Social Justice


Merle Lefkoff, KNFP-10 Advisor is the founder and CEO of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The organization applies the theory of Complex Adaptive Systems to the transformation of diplomatic negotiations and social change initiatives. Merle has been an international mediator for more than three decades, working all over the world in active conflict zones, including N. Ireland, S. Africa, Nicaragua, the Balkans, and (endlessly) the Middle East. A political scientist, she left academia to serve in the first year of the Carter White House. Previous to starting the Center, Merle was Guest Scientist and Affiliate of the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory, partnering with physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists to simulate coexistence among diverse groups. She facilitated the NGO working group at the United Nations that rolled out Bhutan's Gross National Happiness. The present focus of the Center is convening a global meeting in 2016, the ECOS gathering of social movement activists around the world. Using direct action they are demanding political action to allow new structures to emerge--a framework for a new global economic paradigm, one that is just, fair, equitable, sustainable, compassionate--and makes people and the planet happy! She is blessed with seven grandchildren and good climbing and skiing knees.