Mr. Curtis M. Jones

Managing Director, Technology Division
Waltham, Massachusetts
United States

Focus Areas



Curtis is a talented and highly accomplished operations executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting edge markets, and fast-paced environments. He brings strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 35 years of hands-on experience in business development, housing, community and economic development, renewable energy, project and product management, and program system strategies. His proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offering is a great asset. Curtis is currently, Managing Director at Copley Global. As Managing Director, Curtis oversees the Technology Division, and is responsible for partnership and government relationships, domestic and international. Under his leadership, we partner, collaborate, and invest in technologies of the future. Working with top researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers, we endeavor to bring new products and innovations to market. These technologies offer new advancements in healthcare, medical technology, IT, and clean energy solutions.