Mr. Allan Peter H. Graeff

Service Chretien d'Haiti y Association des Paysans Animateurs de La Gonave
La Gonave

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Community Development
Rural Development


B.S. in commerce and administration for Washington and Lee University (1961-65). Peace Corps, Volunteer in support of rural cooperatives. P Corps coordinator Northern Peru (1965-70) Independent travel to South America, Africa, Europe (Jan - July 1971) agricultural economics and M.A. in Public Admin at University of Wisconsin, Madsion (Sept. '71 - Dec. '73) Techinical assistance to rural development organizations Costa Rica, El Salvador with ITCA (Jan '74 - Dec. '75) Inter-Amer Inst. for cooperation on agriculture (IICA) support to micro-regional rural development (Jan '76 - Aug. '83) Program Assistant/Country Rep for CWS in Haiti: development of rural day strategy on La Gonave Island (Sept. '83 - Dec. '88) Project screening, monitoring and independent evaluations Inter American Foundation.