Dr. Sekai Chideya

(Health Fellows & Scholars)
Physician, Primary Care
One Medical Group
Berkeley, California
United States

Focus Areas

Healthcare Provider
Public Health & Safety
Evaluation: Program Evaluation
Racial Equity & Healing
African-American / Black Communities
Environment & Sustainable Development


I am a medical doctor and epidemiologist who is committed to reducing and eliminating SES-related disparities in physical and mental health. The health effects of environmental exposures, before and after birth, are especially important to me. I'm a board certified Family Medicine with advanced epidemiology training and experience (CDC, NYC Dept of Health). I've continued to practice clinical medicine because I enjoy working with people, but also because I think it's a critical part of recognizing and defining health problems. Currently, I am seeking opportunities to collaborate with community groups, healthcare providers, and institutions to identify practical and high-impact ways to remediate the physiologic effects of toxicant exposure.