Dr. Bonnie Braun

Professor Emerita, School of Public Health
College Park, Maryland
United States

Focus Areas

Policy & Education


Bonnie Braun, PhD, KNFP-06, retired from her Extension appointment to work as an Extension Consultant. Ronnie is currently working on a Cooperative Extension System and Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Creating and Culture of Health Partnership. She is serving on the KFLA design team for the 2018 Glo al Food Summit; the United Erzurum of Maryland Global Leadership Council. Bnnie is also serving on a multi-state research team studying health, health care and health insurance for farmers and ranchers and consulting with the State of Maryland-University of Maryland School of Public Health study of the impact of closing hospitals in rural areas. Bonnie served as the first Endowed Chair and Director of the Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy at the University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health. She resigned as director to launch and lead a national health insurance literacy initiative to teach consumers how to make smart purchase and use decisions as a step toward healthier living. She served as a lead researcher for the Rural Families Speak study about economic well-being, health and food security of rural families. 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the study. Bonnie is an experienced educator, researcher, public speaker, program evaluater.