Mr. Timothy C. Dutton

Peace Corps

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
Community & Civic Engagement
Economic Security
Community Development
Economic Development
Urban Development / Revitalization
Finance / Fundraising / Administration
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Development
Organizational Development / Management
Racial Equity & Healing
Diversity / Inclusion / Equity
Social Justice
Social Justice
Youth Development
Youth Development


In 2015, Tim Dutton returned from his assignment with the Peace Corps in the Kyrgz Republic involving sustainable economic development. The focus for my work was on organizational development with Youth of Osh, a premier organization in this new democracy. Furthermore, I worked at the national scale around issues related to NGO development and philanthropy. Since my return, I resumed the leadership of Suncoast Community Capital, a nonprofit focused on financial stability in families of low income. Tim is the Co-Founder of Sarasota Community Studio in Sarasota, FL and the Executive Director of Suncoast Community Capital in Bradenton, FL. Prior to this, he was the founding CEO of SCOPE, a community engagement organization in Sarasota, and shepherded it through a dozen years of development until the fall of 2012. During that time SCOPE developed the community’s first indicators report that evolved considerably, and ultimately SCOPE facilitated the development of the community data collaborative in 2011/12. The methods used to engage community also evolved so that discussions included personal commitment and an asset orientation. During the last years at SCOPE, Tim helped catalyze and birth the Institute for the Ages and served as its acting CEO. Tim has a Master’s degree in social and applied economics, and spent the first twelve years of his career as a hospital administrator in Ohio and later in Haiti.