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Snow has arrived in the Rocky Mountains and your Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance (KFLA) team in Denver sends you warm greetings as we move into the Season of Celebration giving thanks to what we have learned and done this year. For KFLA, 2014 has been a year of growth and connecting many of you to each other’s work.

This newsletter is focused on the opportunities in our network that have come to our attention. Take a look at the ones in this newsletter and continue to share new opportunities and partnerships with our network in 2015.

Our network continues to grow: In mid-September of 2016, we will be welcoming 120 individuals who are, at this moment, participating in the first cohort of the Kellogg Foundation's new leadership program - the Community Leadership Network. This December, we welcome 245 individuals from the “Kellogg Southern Africa Leadership” Program into our KFLA network. You’ll be able to see who they are and start to network with them in January.

The Foro in Panama brought 100 Latin American Fellows together and continued our Humanitarian Call To Action on Immigration and Children. Louis Bonilla, a KNFP-16 fellow in Honduras was inspired to act. He wrote me “Foro in Panama energized me to work on issues related to immigration…there is much I can do to provide information and assistance to Honduras in Honduras who plan to [emigrate].”

We asked for your voice on a new 2016 KFLA Forum and over 210 responded to our survey. You affirmed that you wanted an action oriented forum and also shared with us ,if you had been a Fulbright, Ashoka, Eisenhower and Rotarian… We have begun collaborative opportunities with each of these groups. click here...


May the upcoming months bring you opportunities to experience, to give, and to share.


Martha Lee

in the Kellogg Fellows Community

Herma WilliamsHerma Williams (KNFP-07) Fulbright Board Member
The Fulbright Association is partnering with Restoring Vision to deliver free reading glasses to clinics in developing countries. We're seeking Kellogg Fellows who can assist in the distribution of these glasses to those in need
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Martha LeeMartha Lee (KNFP-15)
Announcing the KFLA Marketplace! Do you have a special skill or talent? Maybe you recently wrote a book or created some jewelry or art? This holiday season KFLA is opening a Marketplace to promote unique items and services brought to you by your own Kellogg Fellows.
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John BurkhardtJohn Burkhardt (KNFP-10)
Excited about a great new Leadership program in partnership with the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Ed. It’s a great opportunity for mid-career professionals in Higher Ed. to build the knowledge, tools and courage needed to lead in very challenging environments.
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Camilo Perez-BustilloCamilo Perez-Bustillo (KNFP-12)
Interested in learning more about the immigration issue at our US Border? Want to get more involved? Camilo, a visiting professor at New Mexico State University, is coordinating a Symposium: "Children in Exile".
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Martha LeeMartha Lee (KNFP-15)
Now is your chance to be a Fulbright Scholar! Have you heard about the Fulbright Specialist Program? It’s a short-term (2-6 week) complement to the core Fulbright Scholar’s perfect for many Kellogg Fellows of all ages.
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Foro 2014 update: a powerful gathering with results

In September 2014, KFLA held their Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Foro in Panama City, Panama. One hundred Kellogg Fellows were in attendance. The Foro was a dynamic, diverse and productive event, full of learning, dialogue and networking opportunities. We even came away with tangible action-items, including Fellow-Led webinars providing important, culturally appropriate skills & training for the LAC network, by the LAC network.

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Ten classes walked over 64,000 miles 

Kellogg Fellows and their networks walked over 64,000 miles. That is TWO times the equatorial circumference of the Earth! 


Congratulations to the winner of KFLA’s First Annual “Let’s Walk” Competition and the $5,000 grant--Class KNFP-15!

Find out more about Let's Walk! and the runners-up »


Kellogg Fellows by the Numbers

In our survey about Forum 2016 we asked about your other affiliations. We found out:

We're excited to announce partnerships with these organizations, stay tuned for details.
Are you missing from a group? Let us know!


We're excited to welcome new fellows to the network

FORUM 2016

Here's what we've learned from you so far:

If you haven't yet, be sure to add your voice »

Herma Williams

Herma Williams (KNFP-11)

My greatest Achievement:
Being able to connect with people who want to change the world and help them have a chance to do so.

My greatest extravagance:
Opening a book and having the time to read it.

My best leadership advice:
A person needs to be committed to think outside the box and then dare to act on it!!

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New Humanitarian Action Fund Established

At the beginning of summer, KFLA sent out a “Humanitarian Call to Action,” addressing the issue of unaccompanied children at our southern border.

Many of you responded and participated in an educational webinar discussing the issue. From that conversation, the KFLA Humanitarian Action Fund was created to support Fellows working on this issue.

We received a $5,000 anonymous gift from a Kellogg Fellow challenging the rest of the network to match the gift. These matching dollars are still being raised to go towards the Fund.

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