When I was told about Kellogg’s undergraduate sponsorship, I was doing voluntary work with Imbita Woman’s Trust Finance, mobilizing community women to form self-help groups and save money, even as little as one rand per week. I was also volunteering with Family Life Association, teaching the community about HIV and AIDS. I applied for a scholarship and when I was invited to attend a workshop in Johannesburg I knew I had a scholarship. It was 2007. Leadership workshops were held now and then where I was equipped with presentation skills and gained confidence in myself. KSAL found a school that would admit me with my form five lower grades where I started with a bridging course. KSAL paid for extra lessons so that I could catch up since I was a slow learner. KSAL also gave me a stipend for living expenses. This was so great because I was able to pay bills and buy clothes for me and my family. Thanks to Kellogg, I managed to pass all the modules for the whole course and graduate. Now, I am able to write application letters to companies and send my final transcript that shows I finished my degree. I am sure of getting a better job because of the certificate that Kellogg helped me obtain.