Ms. Hlobsile Khontile Tsabedze

Public Relations Cum Marketing Officer


In 2007, my dream came true when I was studying at the University of Swaziland part-time, pursuing a Diploma in Adult Education. My father, a farmer, was struggling to pay for my tuition. KSAL gave me hope for the future. I was placed at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Botswana campus, and enrolled in July 2007. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Public Relations, August 2011. In May 2011, with no work experience at all, fresh from the university, I secured a job at Limkokwing University, Swaziland campus, as a Public Relations Officer. I established the office upon Limkokwing’s inception in Swaziland and exactly one year later, I was promoted to be the head of the Public Relations Department. I worked for two years and gained vast experience. In June 2013, I got a job at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). I work as an On-Line Content Manager for the National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA). The training I received from KSAL, especially leadership training, gave me tremendous confidence that really keeps me going and makes me a better and competent person every day. The community ploughback also made a great impact on me as an individual, on my immediate and extended family and also my community as a whole. I have a passion for assisting people living with HIV. Through the community ploughback I was able to reach a massive number of individuals who did not take me as a counselor only, but as a great leader. Another huge transformation that occurred for me was good communication and presentation skills which I believe are vital in my career. My career objective is to pursue a Masters in Professional Communication in order to promote the interests of a transnational company through public relations, advertising, corporate communication and global media power.