Dr. Bruce Roy T. Vilane

Agricultural Engineering; Head of Department, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Luyengo, Manzini

Focus Areas

Food Systems
Food Systems


In 2002, I was a lecturer at the then-Department of Land Use and Mechanization, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Swaziland (UNISWA). I had graduated from Cranfield University with an MSc in Rural Engineering. However, this qualification was not good enough to meet the demands of research, teaching, community service and consultancy, which came with the duties of a lecturer. Consequently, I began the search for a study grant. The work that I did with the Initiative for Development and Equity in African Agriculture (IDEAA), a Kellogg-funded programme, a couple of years prior to 2002, provided the favorable environment for the Kellogg study grant I was awarded in 2002. The KSAL programme supported my studies towards a PhD in Rural Engineering at Cranfield University. The specific aspects of the KSAL programme that made a difference in my career were the holistic nature of the study grant support for me and my family, and by extension my community. To achieve the desired leadership qualities, the KSAL programme offered support throughout the study programme. This was achieved through leadership workshops; initially before departure, at university and at re-integration at the end of the programme of study. The academic training transformed me into a well-rounded researcher and Agricultural Engineer (Farm Buildings and Structures). This was complemented by the KSAL Leadership Workshops which transformed me into a leader that understood community dynamics to champion and influence change at the grassroots level. The transformation resulted in the publication of various research articles and community work. All this was packaged to support my promotion as Senior Lecturer, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) in 2012. My leadership qualities were recognized and acknowledged by my appointment as Head of Department (ABE) in 2013. This transformation benefitted me, my family, institution (UNISWA), and community—local and beyond.