Dr. Lindiwe Msengana Ndlela

Leader in Local Governance
Cape Town
South Africa


Lindiwe is a qualified independent development advisor with extensive experience in socio-economic policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policy outcomes. The financial support of the KSAL programme, particularly the REAP Fellowship which sought to promote policy practice and research by women leaders in Southern Africa (2006-2012), enabled her to undertake her PhD research on a part-time basis. An advocate of leadership by example, she is the former Director General and Accounting Officer of the Department of Provincial and Local Government who managed a budget that grew from R6 billion to over R24 billion (2002 – 2009), with a succession of unqualified audit opinions from the Auditor General. During that period she was also the: • Co-Chairperson of the Governance and Administration Cluster of the Forum of South African Director Generals (FOSAD); • Chairperson of the Technical Committee to the President’s Co-ordinating Council, a statutory body located in the Presidency comprised of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), Provincial Premiers and relevant National Ministries; and • Chairperson of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Technical Committee comprised of Permanent Secretaries of Local Government in the 13 member states. Her other public sector portfolios were in Trade and Industry; Sport, Arts, Culture and Heritage. She has also served as an advisor and a non-executive board member to public and private sector organisations. Her advisory competencies are enriched by, amongst other things, a solid background of community activism, international exposure and academic research that was made possible by the KSAL. In the context of the historical legacy of colonialism, apartheid and under-development in South Africa, most of her advisory assignments, research and collaboration initiatives with domestic and international institutions are focused on making a recognisable contribution in serving the poor and marginalised in society, addressing the pervasive challenges of exclusion and finding sustainable mechanisms for inclusive socio-economic development in society. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a University Education Diploma from Rhodes University in South Africa (SA), a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Business Leadership from the University of SA and a PhD in Urban Governance, Leadership and Local Economic Development from the University of Warwick in the UK.