Dr. Anthony A. Naidoo

Senior Director Strategic Planning & Reporting


Dr. Anthony Naidoo, joined the Gauteng Provincial Government from 2006 till 2017 current and successfully attained a Doctorate (Cum Laude) at the University of Pretoria (Faculty of Economic and Human Management Sciences) towards “a formulation Leadership Career Development Model” to empower an advance disadvantaged senior managers within South African Business sector. During 2004 his Doctorate Journal was accepted internationally to be presented at the European Congress of Work & Organization Psychology Conference held at Istanbul – Turkey (Received merited PhD bursary awards from Kellogg’s Foundation (WKKF) & National Research Foundation (NRF), respectively). 1999 completed his MBA with Cardiff University of Wales covering Human Resource Management Strategies. He headed the senior management executive management leadership training & development initiatives aligned to a Global City-Region Leadership settings and strategically champion the Cabinet process towards a GPG Academy establishment directed by the Premier’s 2008 speech opening of the GPG Legislature. In 2008 during April moved into the Provincial Gauteng Education to strategically implement the “Gauteng City Region Academy across GPG Departments & Local Governments as per my 2007 Cabinet Submission. Championed the integrated leadership development across GPG Provincial Govt. and participate in the development of leadership curriculums. Previously he championed the formulation of Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) as per the joint initiative of the CSIR and BLUE IQ Divisions as a Head of Human Resources Development Leadership Projects. My main focuses were to accommodate scarce technical skills at various tertiary institutions & facilitate the learnerships, student exchange & internship programmes offering scholarships (Gauteng’s Provincial Economic Initiatives). During 2005, he was acknowledged by the South African Presidency for his contribution made towards the Human Resources Development for the country’s transformation initiatives. Some of his core competencies and contributed strengths are: • Youth Entrepreneurial Development Talent pipelines; • Organizational Policy Development and Strategic planning processes • Conduct Change Management and Diversity Workshops; • Transformation of Socio-Economic Activities • Facilitation training and development at various ,leadership levels; • Performance Management and KRAs Development Training • Integrated HRD Strategic Development of Business • Governance models as per Chairperson for Business Boardrooms; • Stakeholder Management and Business Model Development; • Mentoring and Coaching Models • Strengthening Facilitation Course Material and leadership giving direction • Current Project: Massification of eLearning Digital Platform across AU 2017-2030 on e-Electives Entrepreneurial and e-Lean Production Accounting systems. • Affiliated to Kellogg’s Fellows Leadership Alliance of South Africa (KFLA)