Ms. Manuela Piter Baulene Quieroz



I finished my metrics in 2005 and started doing social work related to HIV/AIDS. I was waiting for an opportunity to go to the university because my father didn’t have the money to put me through university. I was invited to join KSAL in 2007. It was very important and wonderful for me because I got the opportunity that I was waiting for. At first, it was very difficult because I didn’t know English. However, KSAL gave me the opportunity to get English lessons so that today I can speak and write in the language. My transformation is evident today because I now have self-esteem. I’m a different person than before the KSAL programme. It changed my life and made it possible to do my degree in pharmacy. My brothers and sister are also going to university. One is doing a degree in education and two are doing degrees in social work. I’m very happy because they will be finishing this in November.