Ms. Isabel Fernando Naftal Machava

Education; Call Centre Consultant
Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI)
South Africa


Before I got the KSAL fellowship, I was working at Pambery, one of our local associations in Manica-Chimoio. I was responsible for a team of four people. We were training community leaders in leadership and economic development. I had completed only grade 12 and wished to attend university. I started saving money to pay my fees, but instead I ended up taking the savings to buy land and start building a house. At that time, I considered myself a vulnerable person because I had limited job choices and because I believed I was bound to be based in rural or remote areas. Also, I did not want to go through the hardships that I saw my mother suffer because she did not go to school and had few choices in her life. In 2008, when I received the KSAL fellowship, I was very happy. I sold everything except my land and house, then I went to South Africa. The KSAL programme gave me what no one else could give me—a Bachelor’s degree, plus presentation, study, and leadership skills. And, it exposed me to a different environment. I had low self-esteem, but through the workshops I learned to stand bold. Before, I was going to and fro because I did not know my value, but now I am saved; I have Christ in my life because of KSAL. I am a leader. God is using me to impact positively the spiritual life of young people. I now have graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and I can communicate in English, although I am not yet perfect. Being from Mozambique, I had studied in Portuguese for all my primary and secondary education. My brother is finishing his Bachelor’s degree. He and I are the first people in the entire family to attend university. My mother is still alive. I am not yet where I want to be, but by the grace of God I will be there and be the source of provision to many. Thank you to the Kellogg Foundation and making it possible for me to be where I am.