Dr. MacDonald Kanyangale

Senior Lecturer
Rhodes University
South Africa

Focus Areas

Leadership Development


I was working as Director of Entrepreneurial Operations at the then-Malawi Entrepreneurs Development Institute in 2008 when I joined the KSAL programme to pursue a doctor of philosophy degree in management. In particular, the ploughback aspect of the programme and strong sense of community engagement stood out for me, as it cemented a totally different world view, the view that places emphasis on altruism, selflessness, and making oneself available for community and not mainly individual gain. I have vast senior management experience in both private and state-owned organisations. As a result of the KSAL programme, I am an accomplished leadership and management development expert with world class clients such as Mercedes Benz SA among others. Additionally, I am increasingly publishing my academic work on leadership and entrepreneurship in various journals, benefiting the academic and consulting community. Currently, I am a senior lecturer of strategic management, entrepreneurship and operations management and also head of Research at Rhodes University`s Business School, which is my alma mater. I am currently interested in Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Leadership and management in the social sector.