Mr. Jussa Abdulrazak Wyson Leman

SME Business Development Expert, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, CJCS Project
Central Region, Lilongwe


Before I received the KSAL study grant, I was a senior trainer working for the Malawian Entrepreneurs Development Institute (MEDI). I had a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, obtained from Zanzibar University in Tanzania. The KSAL study grant came unexpectedly, as if in a dream in the middle of a peaceful night. It allowed me to read a Master’s degree from Rhodes University Business School in South Africa. It was in August 2007, when the KSAL study grant transformed my colourful dreams into a reality show. To me, the first remarkable transformation occurred through the thought leadership workshops, and the ploughback concept, in particular. This was a new concept that has brought me very close to my community, enhanced my leadership skills, and improved my community participation in development activities, which I did not do before. The other transformational aspect is the attainment of an MBA. The degree not only increased my knowledge and skills in business thought leadership, but led to my being promoted at work. Great rewards and impacts resulting from KSAL are: an MBA Degree (2011), promotion at work (2013) from a Senior Training Officer to a Director of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI formerly MEDI) and Chairperson for a Provincial Alumni (Zanzibar University) Social Economic Network Forum in the Central Province of Malawi. These have meant big changes for me personally and for my entire family— our social and economic status has moved us to the middle class in the Malawian context.