Mr. Denis John Msakwiza

Regional Enterprise Development and Business Advisory Services Manager (Northern
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI)


I joined the KSAL programme in 2007. Before that I was working as a Training Officer. It was a humble job, like a teacher. I was training Malawians in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Life was just average. After joining the KSAL programme, life completely changed. I was exposed to the international community whereby I interacted with dignitaries from different countries. My self-esteem was raised and my attitude towards work was better. I could feel my potential was being realized. The leadership courses I attended transformed my life. Academically, the KSAL programme uplifted my abilities and socially, the leadership programme helped me to become a successful leader. After graduating from the KSAL programme, my working environment was completely transformed. At my work place—the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI)—I was promoted to Head of the Training Programme; then, to Regional (Provincial) Manager for the Northern Region in Malawi. After being promoted at work, I managed to support two family members to attend higher education. Through my ploughback project, the community at home is also benefiting. I am supporting orphans with various economic activities to improve their livelihoods. I believe my family and my community have benefited from my transformation through the KSAL programme.