Mrs. Faith Hiwa Chawinga

Procurement Officer, Procurement and Stores
Reserve Bank of Malawi


It has been a great journey. I can say today that I have grown to be the person I want to be and that I am still growing. It was seven years ago when I was sitting back home with no hope and no future. Then, an opportunity came my way which changed my life completely. I become a Kellogg Fellow in 2006; that’s when I started my journey. So many of the leadership workshops I attended through the Kellogg programme helped me in my everyday life. The leadership workshops boosted my self-esteem and my confidence. I did a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree at CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg. It was not easy being away from family and friends, but it was worth it. My journey does not end here because what I learnt through the leadership programme is that, if you have been helped, help someone else as well. There are many people out there who need shelter, good health, and clothes. My duty is to continue to improve my community. Giving back to the community is the theme that will never go out of my mind. I want to reach people out there in any way I can: it might be through education, awareness, my time, even volunteering in hospitals or any community work. Most of the time, we think of doing big projects, but there are others out there who just need to be shown that they are loved and that people care for them. Through the leadership programme, I have developed in so many ways. I have become responsible for my life and everything that comes my way. It’s one thing to talk, but doing what you have said is another matter. I have learnt to trust in what I am doing and giving it the best. I am not stopping here, this is just the beginning.