Manthethe Moipone Monethi

National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)


In 2004 when I joined the KSAL family, I was working for World Vision International—Lesotho as a Program Manager. I started attending the KSAL thought leadership workshops that same year, and my thinking, as well as my capacity as a leader, has never been the same since. I have grown to appreciate leadership, whether it’s within myself (personal leadership), or in other areas of my life: within the family, at work or in day-to-day interactions with people from all walks of life. In 2005 I went to do my Master in Management degree in the area of Public and Development Management, at University of the Witwatersrand through the KSAL program. The management competency that I acquired through my degree, plus the expertise I got through the KSAL leadership development initiatives have made me a very knowledgeable and confident leader. A habit that I developed through the KSAL thought leadership training sessions was that of buying and reading books. Today, I own a study full of very good books and my daughter is developing the culture of reading as a result. I had always helped relatives on a small scale since my job at World Vision exposed me to helping people and the gratification one got from helping someone in need. I scaled that up with the awareness I got through the KSAL program. Nothing makes me feel more useful than helping someone in need. I have helped several youth with their studies, both academic and vocational, and I get very happy seeing them progress in life. I instill the same values in my daughter, and at 16, she already has the heart to help when someone is in need. She has spearheaded some initiatives to help pay the school fees of some of her peers who were struggling with payments. I am now at the senior management level of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, heading the Operations function. I am without a doubt a much better leader and manager than I was before the KSAL programme. I gained a unique combination of skills which sets me apart from others in my field, all thanks to one of the best things that ever happened in my life—an opportunity to be part of the KSAL programme.