Dr. Makuena Lebusa-Molapo

South Africa


When I applied for and was awarded a study grant in 2002, I was a lecturer in crop protection and had been one for some time. At this point, I was a generalist in the field of science with bits and pieces of information in this regard and limited knowledge in entomology and crop protection, but with passion and enthusiasm. The KSAL programme specifically intervened in the area of leadership, especially by thoroughly defining the concept of leadership as it relates to the issues of Ubuntu and branding. Most of all it fostered academic achievement: I acknowledge and appreciate the impact that the programme had in terms of academic achievement and exposure in the field of entomology. The programme managed to release the will power within me to achieve even more and reach greater professional heights. Besides obtaining an MSc in Entomology in the United States of America—the academic training helped me get a thorough understanding of the field of Entemology: “I am an entomologist in the making”. After the programme, I was renewed and had a different outlook on life. I fully regarded myself as a leader and did not only aspire to see change in my community but I chose to bring change. It is then that I became involved in politics and my goal is to be a change agent. I feel that I am finally in the right space. I boldly but humbly testify that it takes one person with divine wisdom and a heart of gold to reach out and bring out the best from another person—this is what the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is about.