In late 2002 my employment contract was terminated due to economic hardships the firm was facing. I went back home, expecting to stay in my rural village for a while. For four years I found myself engaged in community development activities such as project planning and serving as development secretary for my village. I also had the opportunity to participate in development workshops which were organized by different organizations which included Tsuro DzeChimanimani and Population Services International. In 2006 I learned that our ward [Mhakwe] was one of the two wards selected from the whole of Zimbabwe where the W.K.Kellogg Foundation was going to run a pilot development project for a period of five years. From that time onwards I participated in most if not all of the development activities which were undertaken in my community in partnership with W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It was during this time that I was introduced to the world of computers. Yes I knew computers but I had never had the opportunity to use one, let alone understanding how these wonderful machines work. It was a great opportunity, an eye opener to the new world. In 2006 I was selected by my community to take part in leadership workshop which was held in Johannesburg South Africa. This was my first opportunity to participate in an international activity. I had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with fellow young people from the region and share dreams and visions. Participating in this workshop opened another door in my life I was selected to receive an undergraduate scholarship from W.K. Foundation. During my fellowship I took it upon myself to commit part of my time for community plough back. With the help of the allowance I got I managed to set up a horticulture project which is currently helping my extended family as well as the surrounding community. The fellowship saw me graduating with an honors degree in Tourism management in the year 2012, making myself the first to hold such a qualification in my family. Currently I am earning a living through temporary teaching in my home country of Zimbabwe, but my aspirations are to work for a development organization particularly those focusing on rural development. I strongly feel I will be able to make a greater contribution to society in that field.