Before I was tapped by the KSAL programme, I was working as a clerk in Mangwe Rural District Council. Life was a challenge for me because there was no room for promotion considering my qualifications at that time; I only had an ordinary certificate. Due to the collapse of the economy in Zimbabwe, life was unbearable and there were food shortages. This led to many families migrating to neighbouring countries looking for greener pastures. In the year 2007, I was rescued when the zoom site’s officials came to Mangwe Rural District Council and gave us fellowship forms to complete. Having faith, trust and confidence, we completed the forms and submitted them. In 2008 mid-February, I received an offer letter from CIDA City Campus stating that I had been admitted to study for a Bachelor’s degree. Through the leadership workshops, we shared ideas and gained knowledge from different facilitators and I became more confident and independent. I also improved my presentation skills and gained the ability to associate and network with different people. I obtained a Bachelor of Business degree (HR) from Midrand Graduate Institute. In addition, I have a pastel certificate, an ICDL certificate, a Bio-intensive certificate and the Global Business management certificate. As a result, I am more marketable in terms of employment. The KSAL programme made a difference in my life. I became a role model for my family and the community at large. Now, even if there are challenges, they make me stronger.