Mr. Bongani Mathe

Administrative Secretary
Bulilimamangwe Business Development Trust (BBDT)
Plumtree, Matabeleland South


Bulilimamangwe Business Development Trust 2014 to date (Administrative Secretary) (A) Effected and collaborated in the development of the Trust's (i) Turnaround Strategy for 2017 onwards (ii) Business Incubation policy (iii) Board of Trustees Charter (iv) Trust's brand (Logo) (v) Human Resource Manual (B) Improved the Trust financial recording and reporting system (C) Encouraged the Trust to comply with statutory bodies e.g. National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) (D) Collaborated in the design of new services for the Trust (E) Encouraged the Trust on dealing with debtors and creditors (F) Advised the organisation on the fundraising strategy (G) Gave business advice to the incubated Small to Medium business start-ups 2015 Dingumuzi Primary School Helped with the troubleshooting and maintenance of the school computers Jan - December 2013 volunteer at the Plumtree Town Council (B) Advised on the design and development of the council's website