Born in a small town called Plumtree, Bulilimamangwe in Matabeleland South of Zimbabwe, I was a simple boy from nowhere who is going somewhere thanks to the Kellogg Foundation. When I finished my Academic Advanced Level, I had the desire but no money to continue with my education. It was a misery. I joined a non-governmental organisation (NGO) called Tjinyunyi Babili Trust which was formed by rural traditional leaders with an aim to eradicate poverty and give hope to the less privileged in rural areas. At that time, the NGO was sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It was a great experience for a young man to work with traditional leaders and amazing technical staff who brought the Kellogg Foundation vision— to help others to help themselves— and instilled it in our communities. During my work with community leaders, I grasped the opportunity to apply for a Kellogg fellowship to further my studies. I thank the Kellogg Foundation and FHI360 staff for the unique Fellowship and support given to me. My family also gives thanks for the unwavering support you gave that transformed their lives. I have managed to obtain a BCom accounting degree, international drivers licence and computer accounting certificate through my study. Moreover, I gained leadership skills and experience through the leadership programme.