Prof. Florence Mtambanengwe

Professor, Soil Science and Agriculture Engineering

Focus Areas

Food Systems
Food Systems
Environment & Sustainable Development


I am currently employed as a full professor in Agroecology, teaching both undergraduate and post-graduate students in the Department of Soil Science & Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, at the University of Zimbabwe. In 2005, I was a recipient of a Kellogg Dissertation Award that enabled me to finish writing-my thesis entitled, “Soil organic matter dynamics and crop productivity as affected by organic resource quality and farmer management practices on smallholder farms.” This fell under the KSAL priority theme Broadening the scope for better understanding of, and participation in, the practical relevant agricultural/ rural engineering technology by rural communities. I attended two KSAL Leadership training courses in Johannesburg, South Africa where the concepts of thought leadership were imparted. The courses were a life-changing experience for me, stemming from the rich interactions with professionals in leadership as well as other emerging African leaders. They were very different from the pure science subjects I had studied until then. The learning points that helped shape the person I am today were centred around the topics including: the art of personal branding, the spirit of community service and ploughback, and the African philosophy of Ubuntu. It starts with immediate family and friends. I am particularly passionate about seeing the progress and development of women and other socially disadvantaged members of communities, and this is often reflected in my research. In addition, I mentor girls not only at the University of Zimbabwe where I am employed, but also in neighbourhoods and communities.