Mr. Davis Dumezweni Luthe

Town Secretary
Plumtree Town Council


For his ploughback, Davis sought to take advantage of the rise in demand for chicken meat, coupled with the relatively low costs of running a broiler chicken business and available, if untrained, labour—out-of-school, disadvantaged youth. His ploughback aimed to identify and train ten youths (OVCs) in Diba village in Gwambe ward who did not perform well at school but had the potential to become productive members of their community. Davis created a consortium to make it happen, including the Extension Service of the Agriculture Department (Agritex) and the Veterinary Department to train the youth on poultry production; Africa Brains to provide leadership development, career guidance and entrepreneurial skills; the Ministry of Education to offer linkages with other institutions and departments; the community to furnish brick molding and a local builder to construct the chicken run. He also tapped KSAL Fellow Bongani Mathe to give computer lessons to the youth.