Mr. Charles Keikotlhae

Public Relations & Education Mgr., Public Procurement & Asset Disposal Board
Gaborone, Gaborone

Focus Areas



I am currently employed as a Public Relations and Education Manager with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) and I serve as the Chairperson of Sechele I Trust, Kweneng Council Trust, Deputy Chairperson of PRISA Botswana Chapter, Treasurer of Wena Environmental Education and News Trust and serve in Apostolic Faith Mission Church Strategy Team. Before receiving the KSAL Fellowship, I was involved with nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) including serving as a Board member of Environmental Watch (Somarelang Tikologo), Botswana. I was also looking for sponsorship for a Master’s degree. I was at the lower levels of my career. KSAL leadership training, combined with earning BA Honours Degree in Media Theory and Practice, enabled me to continue on and earn MSc in Strategic Management in addition to my Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), BA Humanities (English and History) and Diploma in Environmental Journalism. Later on I gained a Public Relations Management professional certificate with the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa and several other short courses. The Experience, Education and Kellogg Leadership training has made a tremendous change in my life that I am now impacting the society and the Community I live in more and many people look up to me for advice and assistance in various issues of life. My family and those around me have indirectly benefited from KSAL as I was able to assist in many areas including finances. Not only have my family and I benefited from the KSAL Fellowship, but also my friends, extended family, village, tribe and my nation.