Ms. Ana Lucía Márquez

Advocacy and Public Policy Manager, Public Policy
Ciudad de M̩exico, Federal District

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
Political Science
Economic Security
Community Development
Rural Development
Food Systems
Food Systems
Leadership Development
Racial Equity & Healing
Indigenous Communities
Social Justice
Gender Issues
Gender-Based Violence
Environment & Sustainable Development


Ana Lucia is an activist with international experience dedicated to contributing to the development of Mexico through the advocacy, design, fundraising, implementation, and evaluation of social development projects and policies. With a degree in International Relations and a focus on human rights at Knox College in the United States, Ana Lucía has focused on the themes of international cooperation, development, the right to food, politics, gender and migration. For two years, she researched the contrast in the integration of refugee women in Mexico and Denmark. During that time, she volunteered at Amnesty International, the Danish Red Cross and the UNHCR. During the last four years Ana Lucía has worked with civil society organizations on projects that promote community development, health and education in rural communities in Mexico. From 2010 to 2012, Ana Lucía was Development Coordinator in CASA, an organization with 30 years of experience that focuses on community health, midwifery training, education, human rights and domestic violence prevention in rural communities ( At CASA, she headed the development, fundraising, and communications department. In 2012, she worked with the Bajio Community Foundation as a consultant on leadership education and community development in rural communities of Guanajuato. In 2013 and 2014, Ana Lucía worked at Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno, heading the Institutional Development efforts in the Mexico City Office, seeking funding and new private and public partnerships to help advance the development of communities in the Sierra Tarahumara. She participated in civil society networks and sought to promote a locally-based development through fundraising, capacity-building and lobbying efforts. In September 2014, Ana Lucía became the Public Policy Manager at the Hunger Project Mexico (