Ms. Margarita Ruíz

Regional Coordinator
The Hunger Project
Chiapas, Chiapas

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Rural Development
Adult Learning


Margarita Ruíz was born in Bayalemo, municipality of Larrainzar, State of Chiapas, Margarita holds a technical degree in informatics from the National Technical Education College, State of Chiapas. Currently, she works as regional coordinator at the Hunger Project. She has worked in projects related to adults´ alphabetization for the Institute for Adult Alphabetization. Her areas of interest are: communitarian development, social work, poverty, effective communication, and gender equity. In 2009, she was awarded with the “Youth Award” and with a special recognition for her valuable work in rural communities by the Government of the State of Chiapas. During Margarita´s leisure time, she elaborates artisanal products with the traditional technique mish.