Dr. Hidayat Syarief

Faculty of Human Ecology, Department of Community Nutrition


Dr. Hidayat Syarief is a professor in the Department of Community Nutrition at Bogor Agricultural University, Bogot, Indonesia, where he has been teaching since 1974. In 1991, Dr. SyariefI was recruited by the Indonesian Government to serve as Bureau Chief for Education for its National Planning and Development Agency (BAPPENAS), responsible for national education planning and budgeting. In 1996, he was promoted to Deputy Chairman for Human Resources Development at BAPPENAS, and in 2000, moved to the Ministry of National Education, where he served for a brief period as Secretary General before resigning in 2001. As a professor in Community Nutrition, Dr. Syarief has been involved in academic activities such as seminars and workshop in Indonesia and other countries. He is dedicated to alleviating poverty in order to provide people with better lives. Since November 2006, he has also served as Rector of Sahid University in Jakarta.